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Britta Stewart Dolan (Principal of A.U.R.A.) sought to set up an academy in 2005 to deliver quality professional training in Reflexology to small classes for individual attention serving Diploma level of Reflexology and post graduate CPD courses.

In August 2010 A.U.R.A. was accepted as a ITEC (International Therapists Examination Council) College and A.U.R.A. is now teaching

  1. Diet & Nutrition QCF Level 3
  2. Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

All courses start in October 2020 Blended Learning or Distance Learning / Online

We also offer post graduate Continued Professional Development (CPD) and introductory courses:

  1. VRT
  2. Introductory Aromatherapy
  3. Aromatherapy for Alzheimer's Disease
  4. Self Help Hand Reflexology CPD
  5. Mindfullness CPD
  6. Reflexology Refesher CPD
  7. Healthy Eating Workshop CPD

Britta Stewart Dolan
(A.U.R.A. Principal)


AURA is committed to observing the legal requirement on data protection, so that personal information relating to our students and stakeholders is used and retained only in occordance with the reason for which it was first given. Full GDPR policy is available on request.